Syndrilla was created in 2011 to offer customised English language training solutions and other educational support services to educational institutions, corporate clients, publishing services, and individuals. We support both learners and educators—the former to enhance their language learning journeys, and the latter, their language teaching/training skills.

What began primarily as a venture to train candidates appearing for the Trinity ESOL exams in India evolved into dveloping an entire gamut of services geared towards building programmes related to language education: creating curricula, syllabus documents, lesson plans, student worksheets, teacher guides (for when we train other trainers to deliver our courses). Apart from our training programmes, we have also worked end-to-end on large-scale material development projects.

Mission & Vision

Syndrilla is in the business of ‘transformation’. Our mission is to transform learners and educators alike into more competent and confident individuals. We believe that to this end, boosting one of the most basic competencies required in today’s world – English language and communication skills – is an essential foundational step.

Key Features

All our teaching services are characterized by some salient features

Customised solutions

Language is used for different purposes by different individuals and groups of learners. So learning solutions also can’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

In-house resources

We let specific learning contexts determine the kinds of teaching resources and learning aids to use. Our team creates and compiles diverse kinds of teaching materials.

Learner-centred methods

We facilitate individual, pair-work, and/or group-work activities that provoke meaningful use of the language and reflection on learning.

Language as a skill

We encourage learners to go beyond just knowing the language to using it for real purposes; English isn’t a ‘subject’ to be learnt at school, but a skill to be practiced and applied.