About Us

Syndrilla Education Support Services Pvt. Ltd.

Syndrilla seeks to offer ‘education support’ primarily in the field of English language training – linked to specific certification tests as well as general proficiency development – and in the area of educational/ academic assessment methodologies.

We provide customized training services, prepare individuals to face language certification exams or assessments post-training, and are constantly developing comprehensive and up-to-date support materials.

Our Vision

We aim to be a premier provider of education support services to learners and educators in India and abroad, primarily by developing and improving their English language competence. We are also an early stage company committed to providing the teaching community with the knowledge, skills and technological solutions to accurately assess their students’ learning.

Our Mission

Syndrilla is in the business of ‘Transformation’. Our mission is to be able to transform the participants of the education system, learners and educators alike, into more competent individuals in their own spheres. We believe that to this end, boosting one of the most basic competencies required to study or work effectively in today’s world – English language skills – is a most essential foundational step.  

About our Logo

Syndrilla is about connecting people through education and hence the basic shape of the logo which represents connected people. The fact that the people have outstretched, open arms is an attempt to convey the welcoming nature of everyone in the Syndrilla team, and that anyone passionate about transforming lives through education is welcome to join the team. The whole logo is also a combined shape of the sun and stars, Syndrilla being the sun - the source, and the people being the stars benefitted by the sun.