Preparing for ASL - Speaking & Listening Skills

"Preparing for ASL: Speaking and Listening Skills – Class 9", the textbook from Syndrilla addresses your needs to not only help prepare the Class 9 students for the Assessment of Speaking & Listening Skills (ASL) test, but also to provide them with the right techniques to hone their skills to become effective and fluent users of the language. The book is not just a textbook for students, but also provides teachers with valuable notes on how to facilitate student learning and to develop their competence in language and communication.


Preparing for ASL: Speaking and Listening Skills – Class 9 thus has a two-fold objective for learners:

  • To channelize their fluent usage of the language into the required task types for both the Speaking and Listening components of the ASL Test.
  • To help them enrich and enhance their over-all competence in communication skills, becoming better speakers and listeners of the language.


How the Student book is organised


  • UNIT 1 – Getting Started: Language Practice
  • UNIT 2 – Topic Presentation: Planning, Preparation & Delivery
  • UNIT 3 – The Art of Questioning: Asking & Answering Questions
  • UNIT 4 – Problem-Solving: Discussing Challenging Situations


  • UNIT 1 – Listening for Details
  • UNIT 2 – Listening for Contextual meaning
  • UNIT 3 – Listening for Gist
  • UNIT 4 – Listening for Over-all meaning: Gist & Details