We have worked on a diverse range of projects in the domain of English language teaching and learning

Language Teaching/ Training

Academic Institutions

IIIT, Sri City

Designed and delivered a suite of level-graded core courses in English & Communication Skills for engineering students, and also offered supplementary courses such as Critical Thinking skills and Future-readiness (in preparation for job-readiness)

Amber Valley Residential School, Chikmagalur

Conceptualised and conducted long-term preparatory courses for the Trinity ISE exams integrated with the syllabus of the regular English classes, having prepared our own teaching materials and resources

APL Global School, Chennai

Designed and delivered several courses: An advanced Reading & Writing skills course for high school IGCSE learners; A course in Spoken English skills for middle-school students; A course in Basic English skills for the administrative staff

Harvest Public School, Khammam

Trained large numbers of candidates - spanning primary to high school - to appear for the Trinity College London ESOL exams

Kothari Academy, Chennai

Implemented a course in spoken English skills development for trainee teachers who were training to be pre-school teachers

Corporate Organisations

  • Net Access, Bangalore: Trained employees of a technical support company in developing their spoken language and telephonic skills to boost overall internal and external communication
  • Fatpipe, Chennai: Trained employees of a software company in improving their spoken English and communication skills
  • 3Edge, Chennai: Trained job-seekers to improve spoken language skills and to be prepared for interviews and workplace communication

Training/ Workshops

  • 'How to design & teach an English language & communication skills course' workshop for teachers in the English Department of Kamaraj College, Tuticorin
  • ASL workshops in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka: Conducted multiple workshops to train teachers on the requirements and training techniques for the CBSE-mandated language test ‘Assessment of Speaking & Listening Skills’
  • Siddhartha Public School, Vijayawada: Teacher training/ professional developmenworkshops
  • Trinity exam training for teachers and students in several schools in South India

Materials Development

TALE (Thulir, Chennai)

Developed the structure and content of a comprehensive five-level graded programme for primary to middle-school students to be delivered in a digital environment via a personalised, adaptive e-learning platform

Preparing for ASL – Speaking & Listening skills

Conceptualised, wrote and published a textbook to serve as preparatory material to train Grade 9 students in speaking and listening skills, geared towards a mandatory language exam in schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India

Basic English course-books – 3Edge

Designed and created graded coursebooks to teach basic English to first-generation learners of the language or those with very poor or no foundation in the language