We offer a range of services related to English language teaching and learning.

Teaching & Assessment

General English Proficiency

Courses geared towards building language proficiency based on learners’ existing levels; available at customised Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels

English for Specific Purposes

Developing domain-specific language skills; corporate communication, industry-dependent language use: hospitality, tourism, among others

Skill- or Exam-specific Training

Preparing for Trinity College London ESOL exams; developing specific skills: Spoken English/Communication skills, Public Speaking, Academic Writing, etc.

Resource Development

Textbook/Coursebook Development

Creating original course materials in the form of printed textbooks or coursebooks to suit specific English language teaching-learning objectives

E-learning/Multimedia content

Creating original e-learning or multimedia content optimised for online and technology-driven language learning purposes, for diverse age groups

End-to-end Course & Curriculum Design

Developing curricula, course syllabi, lesson plans, instructional materials, and learning aids for English language courses


For Teachers & Educational institutes

Consulting services for educational institutions looking to enhance their English teaching services; helping teachers build and improve their language teaching skills

Workshops & Short Courses

Supplementary courses to build diverse skillsets: Critical thinking skills for students, understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy, etc.

Content & Copy-editing Services

Professional editing and proofreading services for diverse types of content based on different style guides (CMS, APA, MLA, among others)