Read what our students and clients have to say about their experiences with Syndrilla Education

Anushka Rachel Mendonce - Former student, Amber Valley Residential School, Chikmagalur

From a very young age, the English language has intrigued me. When I was attempting my Trinity College London English examination for the first time, in the 6th grade, Syndrilla Education and its training programme was of immense help. It helped me progress all the way from the basic ISE (Integrated Skills in English) Level 0 to the much more advanced ISE Level III.The training I received then continues to help me in college. I am able to articulate and communicate my ideas much more effectively for a presentation or an assignment. Since I am pursuing a major in English Literature, I find it very simple to understand any text, critically analyse it, and create a well-rounded interpretation for an answer. The training I received has also taught me the intricacies of conversation and I find it relatively simpler than many of my peers do to start and hold meaningful conversations. I will always be grateful to Syndrilla Education for preparing me so well for my lifelong journey with the English language.

Ambuj Tiwari - Graduate, B. Tech CSE, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sri City

My learning experience with Syndrilla was extremely transformative from day one. In my opinion, what makes them stand out is not just the focus on the four essential communication skills - Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking - but also on developing interpersonal communication styles that can be employed in real-life professional settings, something that I feel I have largely benefitted from. All the instructors at Syndrilla are super friendly and approachable and are highly committed towards improving the core competencies of their students. Every lecture is an interactive experience equipped with rich content and effective delivery. Honestly speaking, I have experienced an immense personal growth which would not have been possible without Syndrilla's efforts. Thank you, Syndrilla Education!:)

Samanvitha - Former student, Harvest Public School, Khammam

I have been doing Trinity College London English language exams since my schooling and I absolutely love it! Syndrilla played the most important role in this journey and all the credit goes to the director. He was the one who introduced me to this wonderful world of language fluency and vocabulary, and helped me realise that words, when spoken gracefully, have a great impact on our actions. He helped me realise my inner strength and talent and also gave me the confidence to speak. He trained me with care and creativity that helped me overcome my fears and insecurities. It is because of Syndrilla that I started to love English. Now English is a part of my life and I love to learn new things; learning the language has introduced me to the world of books which I am very grateful for. Thank you so much Mr. Joe and Syndrilla for helping me be on top of my world!

Lasya Priyanka - Graduate, B. Tech CSE, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sri City

My name is Lasya Priyanka and I have just graduated from IIIT Sri City in Chittoor, AP where I took the Communication Skills training given by Syndrilla. I am so glad that I took that course, for many reasons! Firstly, the course improved my English much more than I ever expected. Secondly, I have finally learned how to write a good research paper. Lastly, it helped me to land my first job without taking any explicit training for it. The training offered by Syndrilla was very different from any other General English course because of the amount of work we did in the class and during self-study time. I learned many things throughout this course, including how to write an essay and how to improve on essays that I have already written, how to locate and composite better research through the use of numerous resources found at the campus library, the internet, books etc. The course also focuses on Academic English which is useful for those planning to study abroad. I will also have to give credit to this course for making me do some of the most challenging writing exercises in my entire life! We've all had that one amazing teacher, who went beyond the subject and taught us many things. I explicitly remember one of my instructors, because I had always gotten “As” in English before then and he gave me my first “Bs”. But the instructor was fantastic because he truly pushed us to do better. He was strict but still humorous. He not only got on our cases about content and critical thinking but technical areas like punctuation and spelling as well. All of this helped me a lot during my interviews. Some of my first assignments had so many red marks on it that I was aghast! But his class was one of the best challenges I have ever faced and the greatest sources of encouragement for me. Thanks to Syndrilla Education for giving us the best instructors and making me finally confident in my language abilities. You rock!

Ranjani Indrajith - Co-founder, Thulir Learning Solutions

I am writing this in testimony to the commendable services rendered by Mr. Joe Tun Sein, Director, Syndrilla Education Support Services Pvt Ltd., during his association with my establishment, TALE (Thulir Learning Solution Pvt Ltd). Joe and his team were hired to provide English content services that required elaborate curriculum planning and content development for primary school students based on the CEFR standards of language learning. It was evident at the outset that his calibre as an English Language Subject-matter expert was unquestionable and his standards of delivery was top-notch. He showed great patience and openness to clearly understand the objectives and expectations of the task. His awareness of the existing industry standards, practices and requirements helped in effectively analysing and formulating our learning objectives. Ms. Divya from Joe’s team was of great support in executing the project. Her effective planning and co-ordination helped in the smooth execution of the plan. Her profound knowledge of the English language was evident in the quality of the content. I would like to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to Joe, Divya and his entire team for their exemplary service and commitment. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need.

Martin Mendonce - Coordinator, Amber Valley Residential School, Chikmagalur

It has been a pleasure having the Syndrilla team in school. They are warm and energetic and the children love them. The team is very approachable and that has helped the students to be productive and proactive. They have contributed to the teaching of English in our school and it is clear that they have done a lot of research on our school. They are aware of the limitations and the potential of the students in our school. Our students enjoy their ISE classes and look forward to the visits of the Syndrilla team. The team has created a bond with the students and this has infused confidence in the students and helped them to face the Trinity interviews without any apprehensions.

Parvathi Ramasahayam - Principal, Harvest Public School, Khammam

We owe our gratitude to the excellent services provided by Syndrilla Education Support Services in preparing our students to appear for Trinity College London’s GESE exams. The students felt extremely comfortable and motivated during the several sessions that the trainers conducted here in our school. Group discussions and the personalized assistance given to each child proved fruitful, as many of them excelled the test with distinction. The examiners in their feedback after the exams applauded the students for their confidence and proficiency in both listening and speaking skills. Our English faculty members are also very impressed with the dedicated cooperation and rich subject knowledge exhibited by Syndrilla’s trainers.